Boatride in Kerala

February 2, 2008 at 10:22 am (Travel stories) (, , )

Boatride in Kerala

This is in reply to a nice blog written by indisch, titled “Drive home last night”

My reply:

….Yeah, reminds me – last year, I was at Kerala – stayed on the banks of the largest lake of the state (I forget the name). Both I and my wife wanted to take a ride on a smaller boat, we found a man with a small rowboat next to our resort. Apparently the boat was so small and wobbly, leave apart holding two of us, he asked one person at a time to ride and to sit in the middle. You try to act smart, the boat simply throws you into water. No life jacket, you’re on your own!

Anyways, coming back to context, I was quite surprised to learn the boatman not only spoke very good english, but was also very learned about the nearby area. He really need not ride a boat to earn his living, one of his child working in middle east, and one working in a mobile company. But he enjoyed taking people foreigners and alike on boatrides and tell them about the place. Not only pleasantly surprised, I had utter respect for the man….


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