HD Radio commercial

February 4, 2008 at 6:03 pm (digital life) (, )

HD radioHeard a radio commercial on the way to work … well, the have been playing this series on HD radio. Its a guy talking, as if its your old radio. In one it says,

“Hey, its your radio talking, you know the old guy! Heard you got a new HD radio? Now you don’t even look at me! You want to hear everything crystal clear. You don’t want to hear between the stations? May be I could hit the gym and try some of those new stations you are into… haan?”

Another one said:

“Remember those lonely nights, long drive, you and me? I would sing you non-stop, and you don’t talk, just listen …”

Yet another one today said,

“Hey, I see you got a new HD radio by my side. Here I am laying all my buttons for you, but you don’t touch my buttons anymore. Don’t you like my buttons??”

Yuck!! That’s so Gay!!!


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