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February 2, 2008 at 11:20 am (digital life, music, online video, video, youtube) (, , , )

I saw this voted as one of the top 10 youtube videos of last year, ranking by Wired magazine … this is a series of music videos, mashed up (or messed up) super creatively by the youtube user StSanders – you have to watch all of them.

Pardon me if you piss in your pants laughing …

The ultimate fun is to watch Steve Vai: the expression, the action, the emotion, yikes … and the guitar playing. [Oh no, they removed Steve Vai because of copyright violation!! Copyright? Wha??????? StSanders is anything but copying stuff … a super creative mashup of Vai’s video – how can you call it copyright violation, stupid?? The original youtube url used to be:
( will try to get the video from StSanders and will post)]

I was initially sent a link Slash’s (un)shredding by a friend – couldn’t stand it beyond a min, and told my friend, Slash is really lost it on this video! Only to realize a little later, I got fooled!! Another friend of mine seriously thought Eric Clapton was really having a bad day!

The whackiest of all is the fake applause he’s got …

Wired review:


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