Money can’t buy love, but Money can buy Yahoo!

February 2, 2008 at 10:07 am (developers, internet, web) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Morning’s breaking news was hard enough for me to start a blog!! So actually this is my first one!

Microsoft + Yahoo!

(literally meaning the exclamation ‘!’ mark after Yahoo)

What if someone pays you a billlion bucks to committ suicide? Will ya? (I can hear some ‘Hell Yeah’ from somewhere far east) But Yahoo has been offerred 44. And unfortunately they will. There goes the end to one of the finest innovators of Silicon Valley! Yahoo recently announced 10% layoff, and MS’ generous offer (44B for a 23b company). Its all timed well, you know! Heck, I have been using Yahoo mail for the longest time, but I have to hate myself biding goodbye to it. No thanks, I will opt out of “MSN Yahoo! Community”!

There is much more: do I want my DSL connection to go through MS domain? NO!

YHOO went up 48% in a day – that’s prolly one good news for Yahoo investers in recent times. But bad news for rest of us, web developers and alike. Let me download the latest version of YUI before it becomes MUI! JavaScript out, VBScript in! That will suck so bad.

I have one request for Microsoft though, if you acquire Yahoo, please move them out of Silicon Valley, we’ll collect $$ to build a tombstone!

Yahoo 1995-2008

(So the number 13 did its trick!!)


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