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February 6, 2008 at 7:58 am (digital life, internet, web) (, , )

Hotmail, the first to create the free online email was sort of Silicon Valley pioneers in mid 90’s. They started a generation of free email providers on the Net. Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, and many followed. And then one fine day MS woke upto the web based email revolution and being cash rich, they bought off hotmail for $300+million! That was the end of the road for hotmail. Today Hotmail is one of the worst free email services on the net.

HotmailHotmail, I believe still has a limit on email storage, while Yahoo & GMail are virtually free. And try not logging into your hotmail account for more than a month. Next time you log in, all your emails will be cleaned (though they retain your email address), which is brutal!! Happened to a colleague of mine, who had some important emails saved in his acct. He contacted their tech support, was ready to pay them a price to recover his mails, but all he got was a cold reply ‘Sorry’!

So Microsoft has done it with Hotmail, and now they are going to repeat the history with Yahoo! MS+Y! means the end of one of the best webbased emails of the current generation!


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