After 35 years

February 29, 2008 at 8:04 pm (Life in general)

Its heart wrenching when you hear such stories as that of Kashmir Singh, who was released from jail in Pakistan after 35 yrs!

What will it be like, when someone spends each of those 35 yrs in a foreign jail for the sake of one’s own country! The entire youth lost while serving time in another country! With a lot of people, who you cannot relate to. Three and half decades lost! And all this for what? Serving for one’s own country? His fault was to fight for India in war? Now he comes back live his old age with his family. I respect such men, and admire the moral strength of his wife who waited for him for 35 yrs (I hate to draw the ‘Veer Zaraa’ parallelism).

POWs are by far the most unfortunate heroes of the country. I wish the laws of land change to treat POWs in different manner.

For all the greatness of the country we are enjoying, the convenience we take for granted (just as I am posting my opinion being in a comfy position), we should remember there are some people somewhere, who are sacrificing their days, weeks, months, years and lives for us!

(Pictures: Kashmir Singh, then and now)


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