HD Radio commercial

February 4, 2008 at 6:03 pm (digital life) (, )

HD radioHeard a radio commercial on the way to work … well, the have been playing this series on HD radio. Its a guy talking, as if its your old radio. In one it says,

“Hey, its your radio talking, you know the old guy! Heard you got a new HD radio? Now you don’t even look at me! You want to hear everything crystal clear. You don’t want to hear between the stations? May be I could hit the gym and try some of those new stations you are into… haan?”

Another one said:

“Remember those lonely nights, long drive, you and me? I would sing you non-stop, and you don’t talk, just listen …”

Yet another one today said,

“Hey, I see you got a new HD radio by my side. Here I am laying all my buttons for you, but you don’t touch my buttons anymore. Don’t you like my buttons??”

Yuck!! That’s so Gay!!!



  1. John said,

    Those HD radio commercials are the worst. After the ten millionth time, they’re definitely stale. What a dumb advertising idea!

  2. mack said,

    Yeah these stupid HD radio commercials annoy me to say the least- makes me wanna hurl and NOT buy a stupid HD radio. Boy those marketing clowns are the biggest idiots to make a commercial that turns one off to buying something! Morons!

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