Copyright Violation & StSanders???

February 4, 2008 at 11:04 pm (digital life) (, , , )

One of my previous posts, I wrote about StSanders videos, the hillllaaaarrriiioooouuussss take on live concert footage by guitar heroes like Santana, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Slash, Angus Young and many more …!

StSandersUnfortunately, the videos have been removed by YouTube as a copyright violation!! The account suspended!!

Really??? Copyright violation?? Anyone who has seen at least one of his videos, can vouch that its original to every sec of it. He created the sound and pasted on a live video of a concert footage!! The result was hysterical! For no ordinary reason, it was ranked amongst the best of 2007 online videos by Wired magazine (“The Year in Online Videos” #4)!! The following was the Wired detailed article on it. Hilarious YouTube Parodies ‘Shred’ Guitar Gods

While tons of DVD rips of live concert are streamed every sec out of YouTube servers, how can they go after such wonderful creation? Apparently its not YouTube, its probably the producers of the original video footage. Wonder if they are really serious or doing this to gain cheap publicity!

Long live StSanders, you are the man! Hope to be able to see some of your whackiest creation elsewhere on the web! They can kill the creation, but not creativity!!

Note: found a video on YouTube, an interview with Santeri Ojala (a.k.a. StSanders) from Jimmy Kimmel show. Slash (GnR) was on the show too, and StSanders got to murder Slash video right in front of his eyes, LOL 🙂 Of course, towards the end, Slash couldn’t take the mockery anymore!!



  1. PowerCoins said,

    CensorTube decides for you what to broadcast. What a joke. The whole system was supposed to support user created content, and this is the result: real user created content gets deleted while copyright violations stay online. Man, the web ain’t what it used to be. Perhaps it’s time to make some noise…

  2. jackdaniels said,

    With all of the blatant copy right infringements on youtube, it’s absolutely disgusting that this is what gets removed. If their serious about copy right infringement why are they not removing all the music videos, movie clips, T.V. shows etc??? Maybe it’s time for a name change to “No You, Tube”

    What a load of s*** this is.

  3. deutschegrammophon said,

    It’s obviously bullshit! Good thing there’s people resisting the fuckers at YT and keep posting them StSanders-shreds we all love!

  4. josh stiengang said,


    Maybe if he was a zionists and not a nazi we would let him stay, but un fortunatly finish people eat pork

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